Website Content

On the Web, words matter. A lot.

In a perfect world, great products and services would sell themselves by virtue of their greatness. Here on planet Earth, however, it takes a compelling story to tip the scales.

Online attention spans are measured in seconds, not minutes. Ultimately, what you say, and how you say it, determines whether prospects become customers.

Again, words matter. Yet more often than not, content is relegated to an afterthought in the website development process.

Why is that? Three reasons, we believe:

  1. Writing comes naturally to some, not so much to others.
  2. Content development is a time drain. Writing company website content is a task usually relegated to late nights and weekends. If it’s a choice of pounding out copy or spending time with the kids, guess what happens?
  3. Visuals win the Wow Battle: Schematic designs and graphic concepts sell projects at the outset…copy tends to get ‘shoehorned’ in later.

Professional writer scribbling on closed course…don’t try this at home!

To develop great Web site content, just add water. While you’re at it, you may also want to do the following:

  • Mine and filter data: Dive deep within your organization to gather information from multiple sources. Interview lots of people, get different perspectives. Ask questions. Probe. Absorb. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
  • Organize it within the right navigational structures.
  • Align it with broad objectives and strategies for the site.
  • Finally, make content compelling, yet consumable.

At Vantage, we do all this – and we add perspective to the design process that only an outside content development specialist can bring.

Vantage also collaborates closely with designers and programmers to ensure that content fits within your site’s planned design. We are Web-enabled and store drafts, revisions, schedules and other product documentation on our secure portal. It’s all there for our collective team to access.

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Writing for search engines

Vantage can get your site ranked and recognized with an organic approach to SEO copywriting that doesn’t try to trick search engines with key words inserted unnaturally into sentences. Rather, we articulate your competitive advantages with rich content and integrate specific keywords smartly to create pages that convert.

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