Surveys and Market Intelligence

Research reports can be a company’s secret marketing weapon…
Make them a key tool in your arsenal.

Research that sheds new light on industry trends and lends unique perspectives on topical issues garners ink, period. We know – we see it time and again. That’s why conducting a survey, and then developing a market research report based on it, is a great way to boost your business or organization’s visibility and highlight its industry leadership.

Market research reports allow you to share relevant insights with your customers and prospects in two ways:

  1. By direct-mailing results and analyses to them through snail mail or electronically;
  2. By pitching editors and reporters in trade and consumer outlets and getting survey and research results published…then promoting that coverage to customers and prospects, again through snail mail or electronically.

Conducting a Web-based survey is relatively quick and easy. Most businesses and organizations don’t bother to do it, and we believe they should. From polling executive’s opinions on salient issues of the day to gauging analysts’ opinions on emerging industry trends, there’s insight galore that can be developed and shared for a very modest initial investment.

Vantage works closely with companies to design and implement their survey processes. We then help our clients add context, interpretation and insight to raw survey data. Additionally, we help them package and produce the final market research report.

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