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Send it, and they will come? Unfortunately, not so much. From click to customer, great content makes a huge difference in email marketing.

How many emails do you get each day?

We get lots. Dozens and dozens, actually. Newsletters, e-zines and e-releases, tasteless jokes from friends, links to discussion group blogs, special offers we can’t refuse, Facebook and LinkedIn invites, spam, etc. Day in and day out, the barrage never ends.

As inboxes grow ever more crowded, people are disengaging from this ceaseless din. What’s more, growing fears of spyware, malware and viral attacks through embedded links make many of us wary about clicking on anything from outside sources – even those we know and trust.

Yet email marketing remains fast, easy and affordable. It’s not going away. In fact, we believe it will continue to drive communications strategies for many companies and organizations in the years ahead.

New research shows that recent open and click-through rates have dropped sharply. More than ever, your e-message needs OOMPH.

At Vantage, we’re oomph experts. Whether it’s a single email designed to move product out the door ASAP, or an integrated campaign that boosts brand awareness and builds loyalty and trust, Vantage develops e-communications that get noticed.

We focus your message and help you position your products and services with compelling offers. We’ll work closely with you and your staff to identify interesting topics, and craft subject heads that promote click-throughs and penetrate spam filters. We’ll also interface with your Web designer to build rich content for landing pages.

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