News Releases

Editors are besieged by news releases every day. How can you elevate your message above the din?

The humble news release…in the land of PR, it doesn’t get much more basic than that. It’s PR’s bread and butter – without question the most commonly used arrow in the quiver.

Businesses and organizations have cranked out news releases for decades. Yet news holes continue to shrink, while competition for coverage grows fiercer by the day. So what’s the secret to grabbing an editor’s interest?

It’s no secret, actually. News releases convey news, not noise. News that people want to hear. News they need to hear. News that’s positioned to get noticed…and ultimately placed.

If we had a nickel for every crumpled release that hit the newsroom floor…

Netting results in this über-competitive arena takes a really good news release writer…someone who gets inside the subject matter to absorb it, who strategizes the right target media and knows how editors, journalists and bloggers ply their trade.

With years of experience as an award-winning journalist on the receiving end of news releases (the good, the bad and the downright bizarre), and a PR pro who’s written and distributed them daily, Vantage’s David Wasserstrom is thoroughly familiar with this stalwart PR tactic.

David knows how to shape your news for maximum exposure while also positioning your organization in the best possible light. He understands how reporters and editors work: their likes and dislikes, what kinds of news they seek, when they want it, and their preferred methods for receiving it. He also works with clients to integrate keywords into news releases in order to boost online pickup.

News releases created and distributed by Vantage have garnered prominent placement in dozens of industry-leading trade and consumer publications and Web sites. Many have also piqued the interest broadcast editors and generated high-profile television and radio coverage.

Some businesses and organizations issue one or two releases per year. Others maintain a consistent program of monthly – even weekly – releases to keep their name prominently in the public eye.

Either way, you can do it. We can help. When you’ve got news, call us – we’ve traveled this road before.

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