Direct Mail

On average, the average Joe receives 12,000 marketing impressions each day. For real.
Clearly, your message needs an edge.

Tough economic times persist. Yet businesses still must sell products and services, while not-for-profit organizations will always rely on charitable support for operations, capital needs and special projects. Today, moving customers, prospects and donors down the sales funnel takes more than good intentions; you need messaging that thoroughly persuades.

Enter direct mail. As email communication has grown more popular, direct mail still retains two key advantages:

  • It is Personal: Knowing who your prospect is establishes a point of contact for discussion.
  • It is Measurable: With each letter or campaign, you can determine the precise number of responses it generates and calculate your return on investment.

A systematic and measurable direct mail campaign allows you to send targeted, personalized messages and begin converting raw prospects into active leads and, eventually, customers and supporters. Direct mail can also serve as a cost-effective way to build relationships.

What makes direct mail work? Great copy, solid design, an envelope teaser that grabs attention, and appeals that compel respondents to act. At Vantage, we’ve orchestrated dozens of direct mail campaigns for businesses and not-for-profits. We’re adept at finding your unique voice and projecting it in ways that deliver results.

Whether it’s one letter, or an integrated campaign, Vantage can help.

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