Corporate Blog Writing

Building dialogue with your customers and prospects is crucial these days. But who has the time and know-how to get the job done right?
Vantage does.

So, you think that a corporate blog could broaden your company’s exposure to potential customers and ultimately build business. Problem is, no one in your office has decent writing chops – or the time necessary to craft thoughtful blog posts, respond to feedback and provide ongoing blog management.

Whether your company ranks in the Fortune 1000 or is a closely held business, corporate blogging requires two distinctly different skills: You need a polished writer to develop concise, powerful content – and an experienced marketer who understands the dos and don’ts of corporate communication and promotion in an ever-changing social media universe. Consider:

What should you say in your blog?

How should you say it?

Should you blog to promote your products and services, or is it better to keep content focused on broader issues?

When should you post, and how often?

Should you respond to feedback – even negative feedback – and if so, how?

Successful corporate blogs provide interesting and useful content. They give readers a strong sense that yours is a business run by people, for people. And the really good ones project a singular voice, leveraging the writer’s distinct personality to connect with customers.

Vantage can help. David Wasserstrom offers years of experience as an award-winning journalist and corporate communications veteran. David is uniquely adept at understanding your business, capturing and distilling your unique voice, and articulating your perspectives to the people you need to reach.

Blog writing and management services from Vantage are discreet, highly personalized, on-time and on-budget – always. No work is sub-contracted. No content is canned. All copy is 100% original, professionally written by David, and designed to connect you, your people, your products, your services and your insights directly to your customers and prospects. Search engine-friendly content can also be designed to ensure appropriate keyword density based on selected keywords.

From a single monthly posting to weekly and even daily posts, Vantage will design and implement a blog management program that keeps us focused on your company blog – and allows you to stay focused on your business.

Business blogging is inherently a give-and-take proposition, so David continually monitors feedback and works directly with you to craft responses and develop additional content based on respondent feedback.

Vantage also works closely with clients to promote their posts to colleagues and targets in their industries and professional communities.

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