Case Studies

Success sells. And case studies make selling faster and easier.

If your business hasn’t considered case studies as a primary tool to sell your products and services, you really should. So often, the best way to prove value is to demonstrate how a product or service is used, show who uses it, and qualify and quantify the results generated.

Simply put, stories resonate with people – they grab our attention, they help us more easily process information, and they serve as tangible reminders of that information.

Case studies are marketing’s Swiss Army Knife. They showcase how real-world applications of your products and services solve challenges. They prove that your products and services actually work and serve the needs of customers. They show that your people are bright, responsive, creative and quality-focused; that your business is worth doing business with; and that customers are willing to stand behind you.

Our clients will tell you that the payback on a modest investment in case study development is immense. Marketing tools should be usable in a variety of ways, over time. Case studies deliver! They can be posted on your Web site, direct-mailed to prospects, used as a sales leave-behind or newsletter fodder, and pitched to editors for inclusion in relevant coverage.

A sound process delivers great case studies.

Vantage has worked with clients for years to develop compelling case study content. We also administer graphic design and production, as well as distribution, and placement in key vertical media outlets.

Our process begins with formal outreach to your customers. The client salesperson or product manager makes the initial request and introduces Vantage. We then contact customers directly, explaining the program and how it works. The goal: Put customers at ease by informing them about the case study development process, the intended use following completion, and the mutual benefits derived by participating. Following that, we interview the client, write and revise the document and keep everyone on your team updated throughout the process.

Most importantly, Vantage’s David Wasserstrom has conducted hundreds of interviews – he knows how to put your clients at ease. He’s also skilled at probing beyond the facts and asking educated follow-up questions in order to uncover information that will make your case study a truly interesting read.

Remember Cosmo Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables in Seinfeld? At Vantage, we recently penned a case study about case studies. You can read it here.

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