Bylined Articles

Dollar for dollar, there may be no greater marketing value than a bylined article in a high-profile publication.

Looking for a PR Shangri-La? Try an op-ed or feature article, bylined by you, that appears in a prominent consumer or trade publication. Believe us when we say that it’s a triumph of enormous proportions for your marketing program. Unlike paid advertising, bylined articles are pure editorial, so the unbiased, third-party credibility they convey to your prospects is like gold.

The good news: Getting a bylined article published is well within your grasp. In fact, many media outlets regularly publish outside content as a way to augment the perspectives and expertise that their inside staffs provide. Still, the notion of having to brainstorm and refine a topic, pitch it to editors and ultimately develop content overwhelms many businesses and organizations.

At Vantage, we write this stuff every day. Let us help you.

Our bylined article process unfolds like this:

  1. Nailing a great topic. Vantage sits down with your executives and key staff to examine the fabric of your business. We uncover your views and perspectives, we find your unique voice, we identify a list of media outlets to pitch, and we develop article concepts that we believe will pique the interest of editors at those outlets.
  2. Fleshing it all out. We prepare a one to two-paragraph abstract that synthesizes your article’s basic intent. We accompany that with an outline and submit both to your team for review, comments and ultimately, approval.
  3. Churning out great content. Draft copy is developed and again, routed internally to team members for review and comments. Files are stored on our secure Web portal for access by all team members.
  4. Ensuring placement. Following revisions, Vantage submits a final approved draft to the editor and works directly with that editor to ensure that publication occurs.

Ancient PR secret:

The media exists to meet its needs, not yours and mine. Many people assume otherwise, and the results almost always disappoint. Instead, take the opposite approach. By knowing how best to meet an editor or reporter’s needs and strategizing your pitches accordingly, you’ll make their jobs easier…and you’ll boost your chances of netting great ink.

Placement starts with planning.

Vantage also develops editorial calendars for clients that highlight on a month-to-month basis relevant areas of coverage for media outlets in a client’s particular industry. By knowing what topics those print, broadcast and online outlets plan to cover, and when they plan to cover them, we can customize media pitches based on their specific needs and increase your chances for meaningful coverage.

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