Brochures and Collateral

Businesses and organizations invest big dollars in printed marketing materials. That’s why nailing the content up front is critical.

It’s more than reasonable to expect your brochures, sales sheets and other marketing collateral to last beyond one sales cycle. In fact, many businesses and organizations use their printed collateral for several years running. Even in today’s digital world, people still appreciate collateral that they can hold in their hands. That alone justifies collateral development as a valuable tactic in your overall marketing mix.

Good graphic design plays a vital role in any collateral project. But ultimately, we believe that your words make the sale. So if printed collateral will represent your products and services in the market over time, then investing in great content development could be one of the wisest marketing decisions you’ll ever make.

Vantage has worked with numerous businesses and not-for-profit organizations through the years to develop spot-on content that sells your products and services. We also maintain longstanding relationships with many of today’s leading graphic designers, commercial photographers and printers. This means we can seamlessly centralize and supervise each element of the design and production process.

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